C/R: NPP youth takeover Moree toll booth

Some supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party have attacked toll booth attendants at the Moree junction in the Abura-Aseibu-Kwamanseke district in the Central region.

The angry youth, according to eye witnesses, attempted to take over the management of the facility and in the process made away with some money and tickets running into thousands of Ghana cedis.

Additional revenue was also lost as drivers had a field day at the gate as it was left open with the supervisors and attendants fleeing the booth to prevent further assault by the rampaging youth.

The attack happens to be the second in the Central region following a similar attempt by some youth of the party in the Assin Praso area to take over operations of the toll booth there.

According to the irate youth, they suffered similar fate in the year 2009 when the NDC assumed leadership of the country.

Some of the supervisors at the booth speaking to Starr News’ regional correspondent Kwaku Baah-Acheamfour said the youth made away with an unspecified amount of money.