We’ll take risks in 2017 budget – Ofori-Atta

Finance minister Ken Ofori-Atta has said government will take risks in the 2017 budget which is due next month.

He says the budget will offer tax reliefs in order to open up the space for  entrepreneurship to thrive in the country.

Speaking at the second ‘Achimota Speaks Forum’ in Accra, Mr.  Ofori Atta said government will take a look at the tax exemptions regime while taking steps to ensure the diversification of the economy.

“We will take some risk with this budget, we will give the tax reliefs which seemingly do not make sense when you do not have a lot of  money,  we will look at our exemptions and see how we can in a sense, reduce them. There is going to be a lot of thing that seemingly do not make sense, ” he said.

He  noted that his priority is to take steps to improve the business climate in the country for the business community.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ofori-Attah had earlier told the media that the budget will also take steps to address the fiscal deficit.

“If there is any legacy, that we want to leave at the ministry of finance, then it’s about making it a global standard treasury management and risk department, which, will help us to see all the public floats, which will help protect the public purse,” he said.

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