We’re concerned about Nigerians prostituting in Ghana – High Comm.

A Nigerian Minister in Charge of Consular Issues at the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana, Obed Aloko has described as troubling the discovery of a syndicate luring girls from Nigeria into prostitution in Ghana.

The girls, according to Ultimate News’ investigations, were brought into the country to work as prostitutes under the pretext of securing them jobs in Ghana.

The girls between the ages of 13 and 30 swayed by promises of lucrative jobs in Ghana end up in brothels in Asafo, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

Threatened, oppressed, and forced to offer sex for money, the girls are taken through various forms of rituals—where the pubic hair of their private parts and blood from their fingers and finger nails are used for concoction.

Speaking on Morning Starr Monday, Mr. Aloko said the High Commission is unaware of the situation in Kumasi.

Nonetheless, he said the Nigerian High Commissioner is “very concerned” by the development and that he is ready to work with all stakeholders to curb it from escalating.

He stated that officials from the Nigerian High Commission will visit the place to interview the girls to ascertain whether they are indeed Nigerians.

Once their nationality is confirmed, the High Commission in collaboration with Ghanaian officials will cause their repatriation to Nigeria, Mr. Aloko told Morning Starr host Francis Abban.

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