Spy device: I’m sorry – Fuseini begs Amewu

A former Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, is pleading for clemency from his successors over his inability to inform them about a planted spy camera at the office after leaving post.

An audio-visual recorder planted behind a Coat of Arms plaque in the office was detected by officials of the national security. Alhaji Fuseini has confessed planting the device for personal safety but failed to disconnect it while leaving office.

His colleague National Democratic Congress minister Nii Osah Mills, who took over from him, has told the media he “feels naked” having operated from the office without prior knowledge of the bugging gadget.

Alhaji Fuseini has apologised to Messrs. Mills and the current Lands Minister John Peter Amewu.

“I apologise to my successors; it was never intended to spy on them. Nobody was spied on in the office after I had left there,” Alhaji Fuseini told journalists.

He added: “The device was not activated and that is why, when the security agencies went to sweep the office the first time, they did not receive any signal that a device had been planted there.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Amewu has said the revelation is chilling.

According to Mr Amewu, it would have been prudent for Mr. Fuseini to divulge such information to the security agencies rather than go public with it.

“I would have preferred maybe if he had remained quiet and just inform the security that he is the one behind it and they can handle it at that level,” Mr. Amewu stated.

“I am not in a position to say whether it’s working,” the minister remarked.

The National Security Monday July 10, 2017 uncovered the secretly planted audio-visual recorder in a huge Coat of Arms plaque hanging in the Minister’s office. The espionage set up included a camera, a storage unit and another device suspected to be a transmitter. It is believed to be able to pick a whisper 35-feet away.

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