Marwako CEO awarded

The CEO of Marwako Fast Food Limited, Alhaji Marwan Mohammed Chaaban, has been awarded for his contribution to job creation in Ghana, especially in the Zongos.

Marwako Fast Food Limited currently has four branches at Abelenkpe, Spintex, Labadi and Maamobi in Accra.

Alhaji Chaaban has expressed shock at the honor done him and assured he will do more to empower the youth in the Zongos. The award was presented to Mr. Chaaban by the National Commission on Culture under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts in collaboration with the Yaasalam Opportunity Centre, the Afro Arab Group, Zongo Business Incubator, Ayawaso Multimedia and Zylophone Media.

The organizations lauded the efforts of the fast food chain reopening its Maamobi branch after it was vandalized by some youth in the community. The outlet in 2014 was attacked and looted by a group of armed men following reports a police officer who had short a taxi driver was seeking refuge at the restaurant.

“It was de-motivating and heart breaking when in my absence on that fateful day, this very restaurant was vandalized by my very good brethren from the Zongo. Apparently, those who opposed the idea of establishing the branch had the loud voice to justify their earlier apprehension. My fervent believe in God inspired me to renovate the place and today I am very glad we never quit three years ago down the line,” the CEO recounted at the awards ceremony.

Marwako Company Limited has been in the news since February this year after a supervisor of its Abelenkpe branch allegedly assaulted a lady employee. The case is currently before a court in Accra.

Mr. Chaaban thanked staff and management of the company as well as customers for their support.

“I dedicate this beautiful award to all my staff and management and of course our wonderful customers for their unwavering support that kept me and my employees mentally and psychologically strong.”

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