Ghana being led by a wise man – Martey

Ghana is being led by a wise man who is capable of minimising his mistakes, a former moderator of the Presbyterian church Professor Emmanuel Martey has stated.

According to the clergyman, who was an ardent critique of the erstwhile Mahama administration, God listened to the prayer of Ghanaians, and responded through the elections.

“There are so many wise men in the country and we have gotten one to lead,” he told Adom Fm.

He continued: “There are wise people in this country who are not in politics that does not mean politicians should take us for a ride.

“I am a servant of God and I am obliged to speak the truth. God saw what was happening to us in the past, we spoke against it and we were insulted. We thank God he has listened to us. Some of us will speak today, tomorrow and in the future against ills of society”.

He called on people who consider themselves wise to join hands and help the President to develop the country.

Professor Martey is on record to have asked for the whereabouts of wise men in Ghana during the tenure of former President John Mahama.

He said although he has no problems with the former President, his government failed to minimise its mistakes.








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