Politicization of SHS duration useless – Aryeetey

The former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana Professor Ernest Aryeetey has described as useless, the continuous politicization of the duration for second cycle education in the country.

The debate on the number of years Senior High School Students are to spend in school has raged on since the late President Mills reverted the duration to the three year SHS system.

This happened two years after former President Kufour introduced a four year duration for SHS.

But speaking at the 4th edition of Achimota Speaks, Professor Aryeetey said the conversation should be about how the country can learn from international best practices.

“My worry is that, that discussion has always been done in a very political environment…put aside the politics, put aside the four year, three year debate it is very useless,” Prof. Aryeetey said.

Prof. Aryeetey in his speech also tasked government to make the Ghana Education Service a regulator in the education sector rather than the current practice where the service assumes a managerial role.