Ghana-Nigeria prostitution syndicate uncovered in Kumasi


Ultimate News’ investigations have uncovered a Ghanaian-Nigerian syndicate that lures girls from Nigeria into prostitution under the pretext of securing them jobs in Ghana.

The girls who are between the ages of 13 and 30 are swayed with promises of lucrative jobs in the country but end up in brothels in Asafo a suburb of Kumasi noted for prostitution.

They are threatened, oppressed and forced to offer sex for money. Money goes to overlords whom they call madams.

The girls are forced to go through blood rituals where hair on their vagina, head and blood from their fingers, finger nails are used for concoction.

They drink the concoction as a point of kowtowing to the dictates of their madam who is also a prostitute named as one Vivian Nkechi. As part of the oath taking, they are threatened to die if they run away.

There is stiff competition between Ghanaian and Nigerian prostitutes in Adum, Tafo, Pankrono and Sokoban village over clients.

Some of the girls in an interview with Ultimate FM said they had an agreement to receive allowances but their madam has reneged on her promise.

“We really want to go back to Nigeria, we are suffering but we have ran out of money, after sleeping with men, she takes the money without giving us any, we are owing our land lords, as if its juju, anytime we get money, we give everything to her without saving, maybe they use charm,” they lamented.

Ultimate FM’s secret cameras captured packets of condoms, bottles of hard liquor and cigarettes inside their rooms.

The girls who charge between GH¢50-100 depending on the duration of ‘sexual intercourse’ were ‘dressed to kill’ waiting for their clients. Some of them also go to the various Night Clubs in search of clients.

The little ones are made to wear wigs in order to appear as adults to prevent police from harassing them.

Some of them who have been in the country for the past two-three months confessed to making money between GH¢200-GH¢350 a day.

The girls said their families in Nigeria are not aware of the work they are involved in, calling on the police to arrest their madam.

According to Ultimate FM sources within the police, the police anti trafficking unit is aware of the development but treats the issue with kids gloves.

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