‘Applying chemicals to foodstuff dangerous’

A health expert has warned Ghanaians to be mindful of what they consume as several unlicensed chemical products flood the market.

The concerns of Mr. Emmanuel Fianu, a Doctor at the Zoe Royal Hospital comes after several videos were posted on social media showing a woman who claims she bought Jollof rice from a restaurant at the Accra mall but later found out that the rice was made with rubber.

The Food and Drugs Authority last week also arrested two women at the Madina market for applying unknown chemicals to change the colour of oranges meant for sale.

Speaking on a private radio station Radio Gold in Accra, Dr. Fianu warned Ghanaians to be alert and conscious of what they consume.

“The consciousness of our health as a people is not something we have taken seriously, because lately looking at what is happening in our food industry and…all that, a lot of chemical and all that, there have been so many reports about the substances we are taking in.

“It’s high time the populace take a very serious look at some of these things that we consume.”

According to Mr. Fianu, adverts of product overwhelm the education of the product on the health of the consumer.

“Lately, there is a lot education programs going on, but it’s just that also a high rate of advertising of product, so sometimes adverts of various product quite overwhelms the education that goes on, so people get to access the information more of the product on the market than the education of their health.”

Dr. Fianu said the consumption of these chemical products may damage the kidney and also affect other parts of the body system.

He stressed “when we hear of a product, we need to find out, what are the components of this product.”

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