#NSMQ2017: Quiz mistress’ purse, IDs found without bag

The ID cards and purse of the 2017 National Science and Maths Quiz mistress Dr. Elsie Effah Kauffman have been found after being stolen at the finals.

The items which were in her stolen bag were dropped at the University of Ghana, Legon, according to her sister Belinda Yaa Dankwaa Effah.

The bewildered senior lecturer and head of the Biomedical Engineering Department of the University of Ghana, Legon lost her valuables moments when supporters of the winners Prempeh College mounted the stage to receive their prize.

Dr Kaufmann told the media her bag contains her valuables such as cash, mobile phone, and ID Cards.

The bag and cash have since not been returned.

“Update from NSMQ Mistress’ stolen bag: Wallet /purse inside the bag has been dropped at the University of Ghana,” Effah said in a Facebook post.

“Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann thanks whoever came to drop off the purse. She says she needs to have a perfect score so the bag also has to be dropped. The purse has her IDs, driver’s license and ATM cards. The cash is gone.”

A formal complaint has been made at the Legon Police Station.

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