Docta Group launches Docta Ghana app

What if you could get an app that will tell you if and when you need to see a doctor at the clinic and even send you a prescription when you need it, all from the comfort of your home. Will you want it? Well Docta Group is betting their money and future on it. Docta Group Ltd. is a mobile health company evolving the way Ghanaians everywhere connect to care. Their mission is to connect people to the right care at the right time.

Every year, about 180,000 people die in Ghana not always because they could not be saved but sometimes because they didn’t get or seek the right care at the right time. This could either be because they couldn’t get access to care in time or they were too busy with everyday life to seek care. What if there was another way, a better way.

With Docta Ghana app, you don’t have to worry about proximity to care or the stressful and time-consuming experience of going to a clinic until it’s absolutely necessary. You can talk to a doctor via video visit and soon in person all from the comfort of your house.

Docta Group has a very rigorous recruiting process for their doctors to ensure that they only attract the very best doctors in Ghana. So, no matter your concern, your doctor will be able to recommend a treatment plan for you or direct you to the clinic if and when it is medically necessary. If you need medications, your doctor can send you a prescription electronically which you can pick up at any pharmacy of your choice.

Requesting a visit on Docta Ghana app is very simple and easy. Simply download the app on Google play, sign up for an account, enter your concern, select your doctor and time and that’s it.

You can request a visit with a Docta Monday-Friday from 8am – 8pm. Docta says they are currently working to expand their hours to weekends and eventually their goal is to operate 24/7. Docta Ghana app is also the most family friendly healthcare app in Ghana. You can create one account for you and your family and enjoy the convenience of home care with the whole family.

The cost of seeing a Doctor on the app is GHC105. This fee allows you to see and follow up with the same doctor for 3 straight days. Patients that use the App can pay using a variety of methods including mobile money pay, credit and Debit/ATM cards.

You can download Docta Ghana app today and start enjoying the comfort and convenience of home care with your family. If you download today, you can save 30% on your first visit with a Docta by using promo code SAVE30 at checkout. Offer is valid until July 31st, 2017.

About Docta Group, Ltd.:

Docta Group is a Ghanaian based mobile health company evolving the way Ghanaians everywhere connect to care. Our mission is the connect people to the right care at the right time.