FOGET advises youth to shun corruptible acts

The president of the Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET), Prosper Afetsi, has said that the future of the nation can only be certain if the youth are encouraged to shun corrupt acts and adopt values that are worth emulating.

Speaking at the “Life Empowerment Summit 2017” dubbed: “Living worthy legacies” recently at the Aburi Girls Senior High School, he noted that a major problem affecting the country’s progress in this 21st Century dispensation was the lack of great thinkers.

The programme, which was co-hosted by ROSI Consult and FOGET, according to Mr Afetsi, was to provide the youth with the sense of living worthy lives by promoting the cultural norms and values of the country.

He said youth of today are self-centered and always yearn for things that would only give them pleasure, rather than working hard to leave worthy legacies behind.

As a result, the nation is stunted in development, he said, asking: “once you are alive and still young, ask yourself, what legacy I am leaving behind for me to be remembered for?”

He urged the youth to always remember two things as guiding principles in life – the problem they have caused or the problem they have solved. Such principles, he stressed, can guide them to greatness.

Mr. Afetsi explained that legacy is the footprint one leaves for future generations, and the world has been shaped by many generations and great people who have walked this life by giving their inventions and thoughts to benefit mankind.

“So, legacy is very important at individual and collective human level, so try to live your life as a best human, so that your actions will be left behind as legacy to your family,” he added.

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