Veep outdoors ‘one constituency, $1m’ C’ttees

Vice President  Mahamudu Bawumia has inaugurated 10-member committees for each of the ten regions of the country with the mandate to assess all 275 constituencies and identify major project needs of each constituency, for implementation under government’s “1 constituency, 1 million dollars” initiative.

Delivering the keynote address at the inauguration and orientation of the 10-member teams for the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP), a government of Ghana programme under the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives, the Vice President said the 10-member teams have the responsibility  to  go round the constituencies in their regions, and to present all the information to the sector Ministry for proper planning and execution of the projects.

National Development Authorities

The Vice President observed that the IPEP programme is preceding the introduction of the three Development Authorities.

He  announced that Executive approval has been secured for the Development Authorities Bills to be laid in parliament come next week Wednesday .

According to him, once the Development Authorities come into being, the findings and recommendations of the committees will be the source of information for the Development authorities to carry out their work.

Gender sensitive

The Vice President admonished the various committee to be gender sensitive as they go about their facts finding assessments. He specifically advised that Queen mother should be given particular attention indicating that they have a wealth of information that can greatly enhance their work.

Successful Implementation of IPEP

The Vice President essentially says that the successful implementation of the IPEP programme would mean that all the major challenges that various constituencies are facing such as lack of toilets, schools, boreholes, etc. will be eradicated to pave way for bigger projects to be carried out in all 275 constituencies in the country.

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