Help deepen financial inclusion – BoG to Direct S&L

The Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Ernest Addison, has charged Direct Savings and Loans to help deepen financial inclusion in Ghana.

He tasked the financial institution to introduce innovative and tailor made products to meet the financial needs of its customers.

He was speaking at the official launch of Direct Savings and Loans in Accra. The firm which was previously known as Express Capital with two staff, currently employs 300 workers after being in operation for five years.

“A new status of the institution as a savings and loans comes with increased responsibility, hard work and greater commitment in order to have a niche in this competitive and dynamic market,” Dr. Addison said.

He added: “Direct Savings and Loan Limited must leverage the experience gained in the Micro Finance Sector and introduce tailor made products and services to meet the need of customers and build customer loyalty.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Direct Savings and Loans, Ben Adu Owusu, told Starr Business the company is poised to help change the financial landscape in the country.

“By upgrading to Savings and Loans it gives us more capacity to serve our customers better. Our micro which we have done well over the years, we are still going to strengthen that; we are still going to try to do more for our customers,” he stated.

“Over the years some of the customers have grown, so their needs and capacity have also grown so by upgrading now, it puts us in the position to provide the type of services they need,” Mr. Owusu noted.

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