Leave Charlotte to fix “rotten” EC – Franklin Cudjoe

The embattled chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei is being unfairly targetted because she is cleaning the rot at the commission, IMANI President Franklin Cudjoe has said.

According to him, calls for the EC boss to step aside while investigations into the impasse at the commission is underway is irrational and unconstitutional.

The EC chair and two of her deputies have been engrossed in accusations and counter accusations over the running of the election management body.Separate petitions calling for their impeachment from office have been forwarded to the chief Justice by the President for the necessary actions to be taken.

Commenting on the development, the tough-talking IMANI chief said the nation must rather support the chairperson of the election management body to cleanse the rot that had engulfed the commission before her coming into office.

“The woman may as well be the wonder woman of our time. I think she is in a swamp full of human sharks who are trying to eat her up. She actually did a whole lot of good for this country.

“…Two months before this noise was coming up she had actually prepared her dossier and actually gone ahead to meet the respected persons in this land and told them about the rot at the EC, she came to meet the rot, allow her to clean the rot,” he told Accra-based Class FM.

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