Be authentic – Ishmael Yamson tells emerging leaders

Young Leaders have been tasked to be authentic in their respective positions if they want to be successful.

Speaking at a mentorship program dubbed the Emerging Leaders’ Summit organized in Accra, renowned businessman and CEO of Yamson and Associates, Dr. Ishmael Yamson said “leadership is not a position but a behavior.”

He added that “there are three kinds of leaders, the undertakers: those who take over leadership positions, beautify it and later destroy it. The overseers: those who never add anything when they take over leadership and the builders: those who take up leadership positions and make impact at the end of their leadership.”

“An authentic leader must set example with his life in what he says, what he does, make a good impact and have a vision and keep chasing the vision,” the former board chairman for GIPC said.

According to Dr. Yamson, – speaking on the topic ‘Reminiscence of a Leader’ – Ghanaian leaders have failed in chasing the nation’s vision.

“Ghanaian leaders have failed in chasing visions; we must force leadership to chase proper and achievable visions. Authentic leadership is all about people, leaders must be prepared to make mistakes and remember there is a room for growth,” he added.

Speaking on the topic seven steps on the leadership ladder, a pastor, Dr Joshua Ofori urged aspiring leaders to dare to dream, be prepared to be rejected, make up their minds to be re-positioned, be tested, prepare for transition by adding value to their lives, repackage and be prepared for a reward which will be attained at the end.

“Leadership is an adventure, real leadership is not about what the leader has attained. Leadership goes beyond the present. Leadership has to do with people, pains and sacrifice,” he added.

The Emerging Leaders’ Summit was organised by XYZ Broadcasting Limited.

A little over 800 participants attended the Summit which sought to provide a new perspective and understanding on the fundamental principles of Leadership in an interactive session with four carefully selected accomplished Ghanaian Leaders.

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