Produce Policy document for funds – Naa Torshie to disability c’cil

The administrator for the District Assembly Common Fund Irene Naa Torshie Addo has charged the Disability Council to produce a policy document and details of persons with disability seeking support before funds are disbursed.

According to the former Tema West MP, beneficiaries of the fund never receive the money and also there are no programs for it.

Speaking to Starr News Mrs. Addo said “we asked all the districts to give us names, photographs, addresses of all people living with disabilities in their areas. We have also sent communications to all members of parliament and we ourselves are also working with the disability council to make sure that we can have the right names,” she stressed.

She added “secondly, we want to make people aware that this is not money that because you are disabled you just come and take it and go away, it’s a program, it’s for skill training, it’s for advocacy, some of them have been receiving over the years…and every year they are on and others don’t get anything,” she noted.

“We are coming up with a comprehensive plan, we have therefore not sent the money to the district at all until they give us the names, photographs, addresses, pictures and we verify and make sure that all these people are indeed in the district and they are disabled and they need help. Then we come up with how to disburse it.”

“I have charged the disability council…to come up with the policy, to come up with the program that we have to use the money for,” she added.

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