Atik sues PNC over suspension

Suspended General Security of the People’s National Convention (PNC) Atik Mohammed has sued the party over his suspension.

He is praying the court to quash his suspension as null and void, and also order his reinstatement.

Again, Mr. Mohammed filed a complaint with the police for the prosecution of some party functionaries who allegedly locked up his office as he refuses to vacate post for gross misconduct.

Disclosing the details of the suit to Starr News Tuesday August 9, 2017, he said, “I feel that this is a very sad moment in our lives as a political party….people have no regard for the law and they feel that the PNC is an extension of their personal property so they can do things and get away with them probably because they did so in the past and got away with it.”

He added, “As far as I am concerned and as far as I go as the General Secretary of this party I will not tolerate, neither will I condone any form of illegality. It doesn’t matter who is involved in the commission of that illegality.

“So, we will make sure that the law is fully applied and whoever is found  culpable by law will be dealt with in such a manner to send signals to others that you cannot commit crimes against the state and against the party and expect to go free.”

The Vice Chairman of the PNC Henry Asante, however, called the bluff of the suspended General Secretary saying his suspension will not be reversed despite it being described as a travesty of justice by the National Chairman Bernard Mornah.

“NEC has taken a decision. He has been suspended indefinitely. If he [Atik] dares he should come to the office and the legal procedure will take place,” he said.

“Atik has been suspended and it will stay so until thy kingdom come,” he added.

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