Act on corruption now or lose goodwill – GII to Nana Addo

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has called on President Akufo-Addo to act swiftly on reports of corruption in his government or risk losing the confidence of Ghanaians.

According to the anti-graft body, many Ghanaians voted for the President in the 2016 elections because of his seeming hard line stands on corruption.

“Seriously if care is not taken, the goodwill with which the President convinced many Ghanaians to vote for him on the grounds of dealing with the canker will be lost. I say so because the action must be now. We have to see something happening. We believe in the law, we believe in the framework.

“We already have a number of frameworks and we actually waiting for more but then most importantly there have been a number of frameworks and we are actually waiting for more. But then most importantly, there are several allegations of corruption that has come to the fore since this government took office during their six months engagement with the media. Are we going to wait until the Special Prosecutor Office comes into being before we will see some actions? We are marking time as a people,” the executive director of the GII Linda Ofori Kwafo noted at a round-table event in Accra.

Over the last few months, the media has been awash with reports of corruption and perceived acts of corruption involving government officials, but the President has largely been quiet on those matters.

The minority in parliament, for instance, has accused the Finance minister Ken Ofori-Atta of unethical conduct in the initial $2.25 billion bond issued by the Finance ministry.

The Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation has also been engrossed in some controversies over the sale of some dirty fuel to a company that was not regsitered.


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