Samsung unveils QLED TV

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched new premium TV model series QLED TV 2017 aimed at changing and taking the TV market in Ghana to the next level of innovation.

The new QLED TV among other things delivers the best picture quality as a result of the new metal Quantum Dot material and enhances one’s living space with added lifestyle values.

It brings all shades of colours to life with its bright light found in nature and the new metal Quantum Dot material allows the TV to produce accurate colours no matter how bright the TV is. Also it reaches a full 100% colour volume expressing up to one billion colours.

Again, it features a harmonious style and a refined design that truly depicts a next generation display which is perfected with added cable management.

At a ceremony to unveil the QLED TV, the Managing Director of Samsung Ghana Jingak Chung said the new TV perfectly fits into Ghana’s space of completing the digital migration. The product enables Internet of Things (IoT) thus easy to connect with all devices making up the IoT.

According to him, the QLED TV is the best TV now in the industry and presents the Ghanaian consumer an opportunity to enjoy watching television in a more comfortable way in terms of viewing, easy adjustment and invisible connection with no gap wall-mount solution.

“Samsung products have been globally recognized for innovation and design. Our TVs have been number one globally for 10 consecutive years. We want all our customers to feel confident, excited, and inspired every time they use Samsung products,” Mr Chung added.

The TV is SMART which allows consumers to enjoy additional content from Netflix, YouTube, Showmax, Zip TV, Facebook videos, among other content providers.

It can also use SMART view on mobile device to view mobile content on the QLED TV’s large screen and from the TV to the mobile device.

“Samsung recognizes that using multiple remotes can be a major headache but the QLED TV allows you to control connected media devices with just one remote,” he further noted.

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