A/R: Small scale miners demonstrate in Kumasi

Small scale miners in the Ashanti region are hitting the streets today, September 12, to demonstrate against the ban on their operations.

In April this year, the Lands and Natural Resources Minister John Peter Amewu imposed a six- month ban on small scale mining in a bid to fight illegal mining. But the small scale miners in the Ashanti Region say they have been rendered jobless by government’s refusal to lift the ban.

General Secretary of the small scale miners Kwabena Boakye told Starr News the protest will be extended to other regions if the government fails to lift the ban.

“Early this year, government banned all forms of small scale mining and the six months has already elapsed and we have not heard anything from the government. There

“There have been so many dialogue between government and small scale miners and it has not yielded any result. After the demonstration here in Ashanti Region if we do not hear anything positive from government we will extend it to other regions as well,” he warned.

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