Police ‘rape’: Docket lying idle at AG’s dept since Aug. 2016

Starr News investigations have revealed that the docket on the alleged abduction and rape of a 22-year-old lady by a police officer, Corporal Edem with the Airport Police, has been lying idle at the Attorney General’s  department since August 2016.

A Starr News’ report on how the Police have been slow to act on the matter angered gender advocates and prompted the interior minister to order the police to double up for court action to begin on the matter.

DSP Sheila Kesse Abayie-Buckman, Director of public affairs of the police, told  Starr News the service worked on the case and forwarded the docket to the AG’s department two months after it was reported.

“A complaint was lodged and following the complaint, investigations were carried out and a docket was prepared. At a point, it was referred to the CID headquarters then forwarded to the Attorney General Department pending advice. And per my information, the docket has been with the AG for at least a year”.


A 22-year-old woman who was raped by a Police officer is still seeking justice one year after the incident occurred.

Corporal Edem Kelvin Sampson, with the Airport Police Division, is suspected to have carefully planned and carried out the abduction and subsequent rape of his victim in June 2016.

The incident which occurred late in the afternoon, while the victim was returning from work, has left the young lady scarred for life. The matter which was reported to the Madina branch of DOVVSU is yet to receive any action.

The victim told Starr News the stigma surrounding her following the incident is destroying her inwardly.

“I had closed from work and was waiting for a vehicle when they just came around and pushed me to the back seat of the car and there was this guy with him who locked the door of the car. I was screaming and tried calling my mum but when he saw the phone, he collected the phone. I asked him why he was doing all this and he said he just wanted to talk to me so I should calm down. So I kept quiet from then thinking because he is a Policeman he knows the law and will not do anything to hurt me.

“We got to his house and he asked me to come out of the car, and I told him that whatever he wanted to discuss with me could equally be said in the car while we sit there, he said no and pulled me out of the vehicle,” she recounted.

She continued: “He pushed me to the wall and I fell down and I blacked out. When I opened my eyes I found myself naked on the bed and I realised he had had sex with me. He came closer towards me, I tried pushing him away, but he overpowered me and he had sex with me again. I felt as though I was dead after the ordeal”.

Father of the victim also told Starr News’ Bernard Nassara Saibu that the incident has left his daughter traumatised and broken.

“That night when she came we had to chase her around the quarters before we could catch her. She was in coma, she was not talking and not responding. So later we prayed for and took her to the hospital and it was confirmed by the gynaecologist that she was raped,” he said.

Doctors at the Legon hospital have confirmed that the victim was raped.

Meanwhile, the Madina Police are yet to commence investigations into the incident even though they claim they have invited the suspect for questioning.


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