Sayvee releases dancehall song ‘See me rise’ ft Jupitar

Founder and leader of Corpnation, Saviour Adzika, known in Showbiz as Corp Sayvee has released ‘See me rise’ featuring Dancehall Artiste Jupitar.

‘See me rise,’ a dancehall song which talks about how some people who have positioned themselves as enemies find flaws in everything someone does instead of offering solutions to what they condemn.

Asking Sayvee if ‘See me rise’ is a song which talks about his personal experience, he replied “at a point in life, everyone encounters this. There are some people who are always looking for flaws in what someone does and sometimes they help you to improve on your flaws but sometimes they overdo it. We’ve seen this in politics, showbiz and in the lives of people so I won’t say it is personal, I will say it happens and as an Artiste, I sing about various subjects so this happens to be the subject that this song centres on.”

Known as a hip hop and hip life Artiste, Sayvee said “I challenged myself to do this dancehall song because I have to prove my versatility. I won’t say I am a hip hop or hip life Artiste, I will say I am a Songster.”

Sayvee mentioned that when he was composing the song, Jupitar was the perfect fit for it so he had to put him on the song, adding when it comes to dancehall music, Jupitar is one person he listens to.

Listen to ‘See me rise’ featuring Jupitar below: