Appreciate role of mobile data service – MTN

Ghana’s only 4G mobile network operator, MTN, has urged individuals, institutions and businesses to appreciate the importance of data service in every activity they undertake.

This was revealed at the launch of its annual internet festival, MTN iFest at the Kumasi City Mall in the Ashanti region.

The seventh edition of the MTN iFest has been designed to propagate the message of internet use in all aspects of life and also hook more persons unto its 4G platform.

MTN’s mobile data subscription stood at 10.2 million in 2016 and has maintained that lead with 11.5 million data subscriptions in 2017.

Channel Development Manager for MTN Northern Zone, Stephen Asare told Ultimate Business that activities like the MTN iFest has helped in educating prospective and existing subscribers on driving the total internet agenda.

“MTN iFest is basically to let people know and appreciate the importance of internet or data in their personal life and their businesses so that they will use it to develop whatever they are doing”.

“Internet connectivity and data is very critical because you need internet one way or the other. For the past seven years we have seen the impact, in terms of the number of our data subscribers.
From 2010, we were around 2.3 million and in 2017 we have grown our subscription to 11.5 million as a result of some of these initiatives like the iFest”, Mr. Asare mentioned.

Furthermore, other programmes like the “Community 4G Drive” have been outlined as part of the month-long MTN iFest event.

The purpose is to give subscribers in smaller towns and other commercial areas the chance to swap their 3G SIMs to the new 4G SIMs and experience the unlimited, seamless power of 4G, so far as their mobile devices are compatible.

“If you have a smart phone, check whether it is compatible with the 4G by dialing *585# and if it is compatible, just walk to the nearest MTN office or any of our activation points to get your chip swapped so that you can start enjoying the fastest, internet connectivity”, Asare noted.

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