Gas Explosion: Put in place right policies – Becca

Multiple award-winning songstress, Becca, has called on stakeholders to put the right policies in place to avert another disaster after a gas station exploded at Atomic Junction on Saturday, October 7, 2017.

Speaking to a section of the media after she visited the disaster scene, Becca said all must work together to prevent such occurrences in the future.

“Licenses should not be given to just anybody to operate a gas or filling station anywhere and anyhow, I think that stakeholders have a lot of work to do, government has a lot to do and we as individuals also have our part to play as well,” the young musician noted.

The death toll in the Atomic Junction gas explosion has risen to seven – four at the Police Hospital and three at the 37 Military Hospital, government has officially announced.

One hundred and thirty-two persons are injured out of which 64 have been treated and discharged, the Information Minister Mustapha Hamid said in a statement Sunday.

The statement said 68 injured persons including a fire officer at the Police Hospital are still receiving treatment with two others in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit of the 37 Military Hospital.

Investigation has commenced into the cause of fire after a fuel station caught fire when a gas station exploded Saturday evening at the Atomic Junction.

It took about 10 hours for the Ghana National Fire Service to bring the situation under total control.

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