Non-compliant gas stations to be shut down – NPA

The National Petroleum Authority has served notice that it will revoke the licenses of all Gas stations in the country which are failing to comply with basic rules and regulations.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of NPA Hassan Tampuli, the institution is not deficient in terms of monitoring and inspections of gas stations in the country.

His comments come after seven people died in Saturday’s gas explosion at the Atomic junction on the Madina road in Accra. 137 people also sustained various degrees of injuries as they tried to escape the explosion.

60 people have so far been treated and discharged from various hospitals where they were being treated.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia who visited the scene Sunday said government will act swiftly to stop such accidents in the country.

“Some new policies are going to come in and those who will try to resist I don’t think they will be listened to because we have to put the lives of our people above anything else. We are going to move quite quickly to do it. We pretty much have an idea what we need to do”.

Speaking on the Morning Starr Monday, Mr. Tampuli said tougher sanctions must be meted out to companies which do not comply with the rules.

He added gas stations who have been warned to fix their defects and comply with the rules will be shut down if they fail to do so.

“I agree that the sanctions are not punitive enough…we cannot continue to do the same thing and expect new results,” he told host Francis Abban adding “we have served the defective gas stations notices and have given them a period to fix the defects…failure to do what is expected of you means, revoking your licence.”


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