Akufo-Addo pledges to fund funeral of Net2 cameraman

President  Nana  Akufo- Addo has pledged to personally foot all expenses for the funeral of the journalist who died during last Saturday’s gas explosion at atomic junction.

Mohammed Ashiley Yakubu who works with Net2 TV as a cameraman and doubles as a member of the President Akufo-Addo’s Press Corps met his untimely death when he promptly left his desk at Net2 TV upon hearing that there was an explosion at atomic junction.

Reports say he rolled over from the Atomic Junction flyover unto the ground at the second explosion in his attempt to capture the tragedy.

The President in his words of comfort to the mother of the deceased, Mary Sackey, said he will personally pay all expenses as far as the funeral is concerned. The Late Yakubu, in line with Islamic custom, will be buried today, October 10.

“When such incidents happen it is beyond human understanding but God knows why he allows such things to happen. I can only console you in this painful moment. Mohammed is a young intelligent man whom I knew personally and remembered so well when he joined us for a trip,  and God knows why he came for him in this painful manner. Since he worked for the presidential press corps, he worked for me  and so the least i can do is to cater for everything as far as the burial of this young man is concerned”.


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