Planting for Food and Job needs clear plan – ISSER to gov’t

The Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) has taken a swipe at government for rolling out the Planting for Food and Jobs policy without clear implementation guide.

ISSER is therefore calling on government to as a matter of necessity map out an implementation guide for the policy.

The call is part of recommendations contained in the 26th Edition of the State of the Ghanaian Economy Report for 2016 outdoored Wednesday in Accra.

This year’s report places emphasis on identifying value chain and artisanal and small scale mining development in Ghana.

Speaking at the launch of the report, the director of ISSER, Professor Felix Asante said: “The planting for and jobs need a clearer implementation plan. Clear approach to evaluation. Currently, it is not clear how the proposed increase in the production of maize, rice, soya bean or sorghum by 30%, 49% and 28% respectively could be attributed to the planting for food and jobs.

“How would the number  of jobs created by the campaign be properly attributed to the planting for food and job? And these are things that we need to sit and appreciate so that we can evaluate the programme.”

The planting for food and jobs policy was launched in April and according to the government it is the basis of the answer to the twin-problem of the migration of youth to city centres in search of non-existent jobs, as well as an end to the disgraceful spectacle of Ghana importing foodstuff from neighboring countries.

President Akufo-Addo said at the launch of the policy that it would be anchored on the pillars that will transform the country’s agriculture and it is expected to create 750,000 jobs in both direct and indirect employment.

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