New play ‘Skirt and Suits’ dedicated to corporate women – Nii Commey

The 2017 ‘Under 40 Achievers’ award winner in Theatre and Arts, Nii Commey says his latest play SKIRTS AND SUITS is dedicated to all women who have plans of working, or are working or have ever worked in a corporate environment before.

The play, slated for October 28th at the National Theatre, is set in a corporate environment, and chronicles the very practical issues pertaining to the lives of working women. It talks about women and power, money, position, morality and romance. Questions of wealth, authority, status, and identity pack a wallop and will leave audience questioning who a corporate woman really is. The play is clogged in condensed comedy; laced in twists and turns and characterized by incredible revelations, wits, shocking encounters, meandering plots, slapsticks and humour.

Characteristic of his plays, Nii Commey has the strength of his play knotted in the richness of his dialogues, monologues and stage actions. The Writer, Director and Producer of several other contemporary stage plays like Romantic Nonsense, Anticlockwise, Je Mappelle Romance is confident that this is a play that will not only give women hope, but also, calm their nerves and give them something thrilling to spice their weekend.

Ni Commey has this to say: “If you are a student getting ready to work in an office, or a worker in either private or public sector, then this is a play highly recommended to you. It will calm your nerves” Nii Commey said

I was at the rehearsals last week, and per what I saw, I strongly recommend this play to all women in this country. Every woman should ensure that they drag their spouses, families and dates along to the National Theatre, not only to have fun together but to also celebrate and appreciate the different shades of women. So, never let your year go to and end without watching this handwriting from Ghana’s most organic handwriting.”

SKIRTS AND SUITS is the second in the series of the WHERE 2 OR MORE WOMEN ARE GATHERED campaign by Laugh for Lives Africa.

Laugh for Lives Africa is staging this play, to garner support and funds to support its social interventions as it prepares to treat hundreds of underprivileged women and children to a time of love, fun and giving.

Laugh for Lives Africa is a social enterprise using the power of theatre and communication for social change. Through behavioural change communication, theatre for sustainable development, it has created awareness and helped changed attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles.


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