Former state officials grabbed Armed Forces lands – Nitiwul

The Minister for Defense Dominic Nitiwul has disclosed that several former appointees of the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama administration grabbed lands earmarked for the military.

According to the Member of Parliament for Bimbilla, the former appointees colluded with officials of the Lands Commission to take over lands that belonged to the military.

Hon. Nitiwul added that the Military is currently left with limited lands making it difficult for the country’s soldiers to expand their housing.

“The way the Armed Forces lands were handled, I am not happy about it. We decided to sell those lands to ourselves including top politicians and I think that it is a shame that we did that because now we have squeezed our armed forces at Burma Camp.

“Top politicians who are supposed to have provided and covered the Armed Forces were now writing to the armed forces – I think the AG did that – to release the lands to the owners not knowing they were buying the lands themselves.

“I want to advise the former President that he should look for a place and live because that is a dent on him. He was the president…he should have protected the armed forces but if you live in that area then you are giving others the impetus to do what they are doing.

“Lands commission is colluding to do that. People in land commission were colluding to sell armed forces lands,” Hon. Nitiwul said Thursday during an encounter with the Press.

He, however, added that the military is ready to protect and ensure the safety of every Ghanaian in the country.


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