Baseline report: Needs assessment survey of persons with disabilities

The research commissioned by EIB Network and conducted by Hope for Future Generations (HFFG) was to identify the systemic issues facing persons with disability in the Savulugu and Yendi Districts in the Northern Region.

The research was commissioned in line with the Starr Woman Project- Dream edition, targeting the systemic issues faced by women entrepreneurs with disability. It was based on structured interview questions of sixty five participants with more emphasis on women. The survey done in the two districts was focused on access to entrepreneurial or livelihood services, access to health, water and government facilities.

Out of the participants who received monthly income, 60.5% representing females have incomes between GH$ 100 to GH$ 500 whiles most of the participants are skilled but do not have adequate funds to operate. 18% of females with disability are involved in tailoring business and others in petty trading. Participants do not get customers because of the stigma and discrimination. The survey also revealed the difficulty in finding entrepreneurial services in the district. However most of them express interest in life skills or vocational training.

In terms of government services respondents, say the disability center is available to them but cannot say the same for the District Assembly Common Fund and that the percentage given to them ranges from 200-500 Ghana cedis which cannot be used to start up a business. It is also difficult for persons with disability to get customers due to stigmatization. Access to health facilities a challenge and not friendly. They have challenges in paying for medicines not covered by National Health Insurance and are not given priority treatment.

Respondents say access to water and toilet facilities a great challenges because of the way they are developed and the districts have issues with water supply therefore making this unbearable for them.

The study will be basis of an advocacy initiative that will engage government, private sector, civil society groups and other identified groups to highlight the challenges of persons with disability and urge for greater action to  ensure that constitutional provisions for their inclusion, especially in business opportunities.

Below is the full report

Baseline report: Needs assessment survey of persons with disabilities


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