Gender 101: Women must stop playing victims – Activist

A gender activist and event organizer Kyei Andoh has called on women to stop playing “the victim” in their relationship with men.

In his view, women must ensure that they are understood and empathized with than to be sympathized with by society.

“Playing the victims card of sexual abuse won’t help our women. If all women become like men in the name of empowerment, we would lose more women and that won’t be a good look on us. Agree with a feminist and you are considered brilliant but disagree with them and they become very abusive.

“Feminists have become like the smarter women of the society. Women are better managers but I don’t believe women are better leaders. I prefer a women at Cocobod than a man and I don’t want a woman as a President because she has some weaknesses that would affect her,” he told Francis Abban on the Gender 101 segment on the Morning Starr Tuesday.

Also contributing to the discussion, another gender activist Delalorm Kosi Fiaka said the gender equality debate that often captures the attention of social and mainstream media is needless.

“The female specie has their own dichotomy. They should be empowered enough to complement their male specie. Men and women can never be equal. Gender equality debate is a needless debate”.

Sexual abuse against women has become a major subject world over after actors in America started the #metoo movement after the habitual harassment of Hollywood doyen Harvey Weinstein  became public.


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