Documentary: Starr Woman Project—Dream Edition

Kubura Alhassan is a thirty-eight year old physically challenged woman in Savelugu. She was three years when she caught the dreaded measles disease. Poor health care resulted in her losing her ability to use her legs.

Her poor widowed mother could not continue to support her education after completing Junior High School. For her first job, she worked as a cleaner at the Municipal Assembly. Sadly, she quit her source of living because of stigmatization from colleagues and superiors.

Kubura now mother of five earns a living by farming. However her immobility made it arduous task hence could not support her children.

Subsequently, she abandoned the farm to begin a table top business. Selling polythene bags, stationery and confectioneries, Kubura started her business thanks to the savings she made from meetings organized by NGOs for PWD in the municipal capital. Kubura has dreams of growing her business.

Nonetheless, all effort towards that have been unsuccessful. In fact numerous proposals through Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities have yielded nothing.

With no Kind of sustainable support, Kubura’s dream will remain just a dream.


Source: Ghana/

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