#Int’l Womens Day: “Sisters – I Heard”

I heard women are their own enemies, that you pull down each other to a fall to cover your own inadequacies.

I heard your jealousies are too tall it overshadows the beauty of your souls; those toxic stings of a few ‘Jezebels’ that threatens the women’s movements even in the face of clear opponents.

Ladies I heard you are gossips because of your quest to know more? But what comes to me as a shock is that you’re stereotyped a whore because you gave birth out of wedlock?

I also heard that women bite at each other’s back so hard with leech-lashing-tongues, men cringe and although I still find this strange.

I also heard you hate to see your own at the top and would rather drown than see one of your own there, you mean “for the where”: because you heard women who reach the top are nauseatingly cocky, you would rather a man with zero experience score the shorts than a woman you unfairly label bossy.

I heard you are your own sexists, that you appear to resist the notion that women’s rights are equally human rights – and that you encourage antagonism among your own by your loud silent selective feminism – these are no longer misconceptions because you also appear to resist the idea that a woman can be superior and as Yaa Asantewaa – a warrior to deserve a man’s salutations.

Sisters I heard you agree that you are a sex object, that you are his next conquest after he’s done with other female “subjects” and I heard you accept it’s his nature, you’d rather have him a womanizer than a wife beater – despite this I heard you are his sponsor, that you pay to make him stay, and you also enjoy being the other woman among the many he slays.

I’m laughing out loud (lol); because I heard you are just a number he points with his little figure to his shameless pals or pal that you enjoy it on your knees amidst the judas kisses and lies he tells you to keep you on your knees and would not honor your face with a veil while or walk you down the aisle.

Not that I admit marriage is life’s ultimate end but as a woman you must demand that you be treated as human – as a mother and as a woman.

Sisters I heard you lured man to sin, then I thought how powerful if you can easily win a man’s heart even that which appears unattainable and yet you are the weaker vessel? Then I heard the laughable: that you belong to the kitchen and your sole usefulness is to bear children?

Then I heard the absurd – that at old age you are labeled a witch, yet you [women] are not madly enraged that grandmother is tagged a witch, imprison in witch-camps so-called, and what is bitterly sad is that you continue to allow these social injustices against fellow women to persist and do not resist their oppressors’ vile rule, because perhaps everything appears cool in your all perfect world.

But you and I can no longer afford to remain unbothered, we must protest with the pen and on the streets until they learn, the stereotyping, misconceptions, violence and misrepresentations against women must come to a complete end.

You know why?

So that your daughters and mine would not grow up in a time such as ours or ply the undignified rough road you and I continue to dread, we must cast light on these injustices because women’s rights are equally human rights.




By Crabbe Nathaniel – Journalist || Publicist || Poet || Pro-feminist ||

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