The Garden: Who is your voice?

Who is your voice? It is very important to mind the authority that speaks over your life because words are very powerful. Words influence the outcome of our destiny, they’re the pieces we use to put our puzzle together.

A famous quote says words are free, it’s how you use them, that may cost you. No wonder we cannot afford to be careless with our words, so be careful. Although, it’s not just our words that often have tremendous effects on us but also the words of others. Words either spoken or uttered in our hearing, these words we call the voice because they speak to our hearts, our mind and our life. Whichever words we adhere to the most becomes our voice.

Somewhere, somehow, someone or something has influenced who you are today. Someone has once spoken words into your life. Not all talk is cheap, there is power in the spoken word. Words have a creative power and can either influence the outcome of your life positively or negatively.

From words, mental pictures are formed and thus become our reality. Behaviour is learned and not inherited. Your environment, your relationships have played a major role at forming your foundation as a child and have certainly went on to establish the adult you have now become.
Many people who grew up hearing what they cannot do as opposed to what they can do usually suffer a form of limitation. You will find such a person being driven by a force of fear and have a negative mind-set. Such an individual can never explore or embrace change. In fact, this individual may as well be living in a cage because limitation does that to us, it captures us and imprisons us.

Who told you that you were not beautiful or handsome? Who told you, you were not capable? Who told you, you are not worthy of love? Who told you, you didn’t deserve to be happy? Who told you? Who? Who taught you to think this way? Who introduced you to limitation? Who caged you, who imprisoned you? Perhaps your kindergarten teacher or your guardian or even your parent once told you that you will never amount to anything in life. Maybe your first boyfriend or girlfriend told you there was nothing special about you or perhaps the doctrine on which you were raised was full of laws and regulations that left you fearful rather than determined. Eventually no one will put the blame on either of these, should your life turn out an absolute failure. There comes a time when your opinion matters, when what you think and say is most important. When what you choose to believe is enough.

What if I put it to you that there is a way out? You can break free from a wrong way of talking. Even as an adult, you can learn a new vocabulary. It is possible to replace the “I can’t” with “I can”. Create new relationships, a new atmosphere, and a new environment. Not only do you have the right, but you have the power to break every stronghold regardless of its time of existence. You can either accept that which is presented to you or you can decide to form a “you” that you approve of. Will it be easy? No! Will it take courage? Yes! Will it be possible? Absolutely!

There is a way out……and it begins with you.

I leave you with a profound quote by my author friend Linda A. Yende: “The things people say against you are dangerous. But nowhere near as dangerous as the things you say against yourself!”

You will NEVER rise above your own confessions!

By Lerato Charlotte Letsoso/GhOne TV | Email:

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