Don’t allow fear to overcome you – Boadi Nyamekye

Head Pastor of the Maker’s House Chapel International Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye has said he learnt how to fly a Plane in his quest to overcome his fear of height.

The man of God cum Pilot told Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday that he had a phobia for height and in order to overcome that fear he decided to train as a Pilot.

“I think it was a challenge training to be a Pilot because I’m afraid of height but I had to overcome my fears. The very first time I was flying I looked down and seeing everything from beneath me I almost gave up but I said to myself at a point  everybody needs to overcome his fears and remain focus in order to overcome this challenge”.

Dr. Nyamekye added he nursed the ambition of owning a private jet but he would rather channel it into a business to help those who are unemployed.

“I was believing that one day I will own a plane but not anymore, I feel  I need to create wealth for  as many people as possible because the kind of money I will use to buy the private jet I can set  like ten businesses so that people can be gainfully employed and there are a lot of people  our churches who need jobs to survive”.


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