Ghanaians most hardworking immigrants in the US – Report

Ghanaians residing in the United States of America have been classified as the most hardworking people, a report analysing the work and job skill among immigrant groups in the US has revealed.

According to the report, although majority of immigrants from African countries dominated the category of most hardworking people in the US, immigrants from Bulgaria, Guatemala, El Salvador and Bosnia Herzegovina also placed well on the list.

The report was produced by Bloomberg’s Justin Fox, a famed American financial journalist from the 2016 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey.

The report was put together to counter White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s comments that most undocumented immigrants are not easily able to assimilate into the United States, into its “modern society.”

African countries that featured in the top 11 list included Kenya (3rd), Ethiopia (4th), Nigeria (8th) and Liberia (9th).

Other issues the report touched on was the educational level of immigrant groups and ability to speak English, which were key factors John Kelly used to highlight his point that the US could not integrate immigrants.

India, Taiwan and Russia made up the top three countries that had the most educated immigrants in the United States. Egypt (5th), Nigeria (8th), South Africa (12th) were the African countries with the most educated immigrants in the US.

The report, however, highlighted that majority of immigrants from countries from South America such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic struggle with the English language in the US.


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