Offertory must cater for the poor – Boadi Nyamekye to churches

Head Pastor of the Maker’s Chapel International Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye has said offertory collected by the church should be used to cater for the needy.

Asked by Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday if the church is becoming a business in Ghana at the expense of members, the Charismatic preacher said the church should not be a business at the expense of members.

“If we are to go back into antiquity and to understand what offering and tithes were used for, you will understand that most of the things that come to the church are for the upkeep not just of the Church but for the poor and the vulnerable. So if there is a widow, an orphan, the sick, the destitute these are the things the offering should take care of”.

Dr. Nyamekye added that his church has various schemes in place to take care of the vulnerable within the church.

“At TMH, we have a scholarship scheme, a health scheme that takes care of those who are sick and so if someone is sick and cannot pay for their hospital bills we have a health scheme that takes care of them”.

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