Russian police have put in place measures to ward off sex workers from the Super Eagles camp in Russia.

We gathered that law enforcement officials have launched a massive raid aimed at clearing the team’s camp of prostitutes.

Report indicates that police officers have been busy raiding Super Eagles’ base camp, Essentukhi, in order to clear the area of sex workers.

Before now, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin described the country’s prostitutes as best in the world, recalling that in the early 90s, the sex industry was considered very notorious.

However, previous sports events such as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have seen the Russian police impose harsh fines on sex workers and in some cases imprison them for the duration of the competition.

Consequently, the governor of Stavropol Territory, where Essentukhi is located, Vladimir Vladimirov said the police would make it impossible for sex workers to operate in the area.

“Officials from Nigeria, Egypt and others will have their base in this city for the tournament and we have warned against patronage of illegal strippers and others, most brothels have also been told to simply close down.

“For the 30-day tournament only those with a significant “krysha” that sees them pay a percentage of their earnings to officials and police in return for protection, will be able to operate,” Vladimirov added.


Source: independent