Pancakes are definitely a snack that many people enjoy but many people do not know it is very easy to make. Though pancakes don’t exactly have a reputation as a healthy food, they do have some nutrients that can benefit your health. It contains some amount of calcium and irons. Here is an easy step to make pancakes.


·         Some flour

·         some baking powder

·         some sugar

·         a pinch of salt

·         some milk

·         eggs

·         some butter

·         and milk

Pick your ingredients depending on the amount of pancakes you want to fry.

1.Mix in a large bowl a reasonable amount of  flour, baking powder, sugar and a bit of pinch of salt.

2. Add some milk to the mixture and stir

3. Add the butter and eggs and mix with a laddle or whisk  until smooth.

4.Heat a reasonable amount of oil in a frying pan.

5.Pour atleast  1/4 of a cup of the mixture in the hot oil.

6. Fry on both sides until almost brown.

7. Repeat the 5th process until all the mixture has been fried.

8. Serve with a chilled drink.


Sorce: Ghana/ Kwaa Armah