Bishop Charles AgyinAsare

Bishop Charles Agyinasare has said authentic miracles are still relevant in the church today.

Speaking to some journalists ahead of his forthcoming trip to Paris, France for a miracle crusade, the founder of Perez Chapel International said the miracle-working Christian God has not changed over the millennia and, thus, He still works miracles in today’s church.

Bishop Agyinasare early this year organised the Festival of Miracles at The Independence Square in Accra where the awesome power of God was made manifest through signs and wonders. He later took the festival to Cape Coast and Tamale. Subsequently, he travelled to Republic of Benin and Pakistan, where, once again, the hand of the Lord touched many afflicted persons who got their healing – one of them being a dying man.

“At the Independence Square, all kinds of incredible miracles [happened], the same thing happened in Cape Coast and in Tamale. In Pakistan, there was a gentleman who came, his brother was on oxygen, while I was praying they took the phone, they gave it to his brother to listen and the brother jumped up”, Bishop Agyinasare recalled, adding that cancers disappeared while the deaf and dumb were healed.

Miracles at Agyinasare crusade at Pakistan

Throwing more light on his trip to Paris, the Chancellor of Perez University College, said: “Benin is regarded as the voodoo capital of the world, and, as I go to Paris this week, we are expecting that since God does not change, He will do what He has always done”.

“Jesus Christ, as the scripture said, is the same yesterday, today and forever, so, I’m expecting lives to be transformed, the sick to be healed, the demonised to be set free, people that doctors have given up on; that God will meet them at their point of need”, he said.

In emphasising the importance of miracles even in today’s church, Bishop Agyinasare said: “When you take miracles from the Bible, the Bible will be left with a bunch of writings because it’s a miracle for God to have created the world in six days; it was a miracle that caused only Noah and his family to escape the floods; it was a miracle that caused Abraham – a hundred years old – whose body was dead, and Sarah, whose womb was dead, according to scripture, to have a child; it was a miracle that brought the children of Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea.

“The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is a miracle; that is the only time we have seen a virgin get pregnant without artificial insemination. And the death and resurrection, for somebody to die that kind of death and for that kind of death Jesus died, and to rise from the dead, is a miracle. And for him to ascend, to beat the laws of gravity and go up; His second coming will also be a miracle, so, the God of the Bible is the God of miracles”, he noted.

He continued: “When Jesus was sending us with the Great Commission, he said in Mark Chapter 16 from verse 15: “Go ye into all the world, preach the gospel to every creature, he who believes and is baptised shall be saved; he who disbelieves shall be dumped. These signs shall follow them that believe: in my name you will cast out devils, you shall speak in new tongues, you will take out serpents, you will drink poison, it will not hurt you; you will lay hands on the sick, they will recover.

“So, the Great Commission goes with the miracle ministry. In the ministry of the Apostles, God did tremendous miracles and great things happened over the years. Since our God has not changed, we still need miracles. He says in 1 Corinthians 12:28: ‘God has set some in the church, firstly apostles, secondly prophets, thirdly teachers, then miracles and gifts of healing of the church, God has set in the church’; it has not ceased, it’s still happening.

The Holy Ghost at work at Agyinasare crusade in Paris

“During the revival of the Pentecostal era in the 1900s, miracles began to take place all around the world. In this nation of Ghana, when churches like Christ Apostolic, Apostolic Church, Pentecost Church began, miracles have been the order of the day, and, so, when it comes to miracles – the Bible says something in Acts 2: 22: ‘Jesus was approved amongst us by miracles, signs and wonders.

“One of the easiest ways God can confirm his word is by miracle; the Bible says in John’s gospel that when the multitude saw the miracles which he did on the diseased, they believed in him”.

“I remember when I went to Pakistan and I preached, I told them that I have brought Jesus – the one who died and rose from the dead – but I don’t want anybody to make a decision until we could prove that he died and rose, … and, so, I called for the deaf and dumb and then suddenly their ears were opened without stomping my feet, shouting, screaming. Just saying: may your ears open in Jesus’ name. There is proof that Jesus is alive, the proofs that he’s alive are the miracles. We need miracles like never before, and especially at a time when there are so many fake miracles and there are so many people doing all kinds of things in the name of a breakthrough; we need authentic Bible-believing miracles”.

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