President of Accra Institute of Technology, Professor Clement Dzidonu

The Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) has signed an academic and collaborative agreement with Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) in the United Kingdom for the implementation of a 3+1 academic transfer scheme.

The scheme will enable some undergraduate students of the AIT who complete the first three years of their programs at the University to proceed to SHU for their final year there for the award of an equivalent SHU degree.

By the terms of the collaboration, students who avail themselves to the opportunity are free to come back to AIT to complete their AIT final year after obtaining their degree at the SHU, thus, a student can acquire two degrees within five years from two separate universities.

Speaking at the 13th graduation ceremony of in Accra, President of Accra Institute of Technology, Professor Clement Dzidonu disclosed AIT will from next year expand programs on offer all in the quest to build the human resource base of the country.

“We have secured accreditation from the relevant national academic regulatory agencies to offer programs in Automobile Engineering Techniology, Electronic engineering technology, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, among others. All programs being offered at CET will have entrepreneurship component, in line with its goal of becoming an entrepreneurial university, that shifts emphasis from producing to seekers to that of producing job creators,” Professor Dzidonu stated.

He said the moves are part of the process towards operationalizing multiple degree concepts of the school which it is pioneering within the sub-region to offer students competitive advantage in the labour market.

He added the Institute is partnering other state agencies to push science and technology to the forefront in the country.

“I am pleased to announce that AIT in collaboration with a number of international and local partners including the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Ghana Institution of Engineers, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) among others will be hosting the 2019 edition of the International Research Initiatives conference (IRIC) in August,” he stated.

In all a total of 286 students graduated on Saturday. The number consists of Seven Doctor no Philosophy (PhDs), three PhD Candidates, 22 Master’s Degrees, and 254 Undergraduates.

“…we are today graduating for the 5th time, PhDs who studied at this University. This major achievement of a university which is barely eight years old makes AIT the first private university in Ghana to successfully offer and graduate students on an internationally benchmarked PhD program. This is no small achievement if put within the context of the fact that the PhD per capita of Ghana is extremely low,” Prof Dzidonu stated.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AIT, Professor Edward A. Ayensu, assured the institution will not digress from its focus and vision of science and technology.

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