Live scenes at GIJ currently

The Ghana Institute of Journalism is reopening today after an e-registration impasse between students and authorities led to the closure of the school.

The students are protesting the refusal of authorities to allow students who could not complete an online registration to write the ongoing exams.

In a statement on the developement, GIJ said students who have paid their fees and completed their registration will be allowed to write their exams beginning today.

“The Ghana Institute of Journalism wishes to assure all our students and the general public that GIJ is open and will continue its end-of-semester examinations as scheduled from Monday, December 3. Students who have paid their fees and registered are eligible to take part in exams. These include students who faced challenges with registration online and were assisted by the Academic Affairs Department to register. However, Management is still eager to consider any students who paid the required fees by the November 21st deadline and have been unable to register online for any reason.

“Like in most universities, students are required to pay fees and register at the beginning of the semester to be able to participate in lectures and examinations. This academic year, Management offered students the opportunity to settle their fees by extending the period several times: from end of September, to October, and finally to November 21, 2018,” the statement said.


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