The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center has unveiled a journal on peace and security in Africa. The scholarly document is targeted at highlighting sources of conflicts and conditions of peace on the sub region while creating avenues for ideas on how to address them.

KAIPTC Journal of African Peace and Security (JAPS) according to the international training institution is the first to be published by an ECOWAS training Center of Excellence (TCE) in West Africa.

Deputy Editor of JAPS Dr. Kwaku Dansu said “the idea of publishing a journal here at the KAIPTC has a long lasting history going back since years ago. We have been reflecting over the idea of having our own journal”.

The Research Fellow at the KAIPTC added “during one of research reviews on peacekeeping in Africa, the Commandant provided the philosophical impetus and drive for us to kick-start the process, which was some time in 2016”.

The bi-annual peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to deepening knowledge and understanding of issues and strengthening the policy relevance of research around African peace and security.

Dr Dansu stressed “once the decision was made that we could do a journal, we needed to provide a conceptual basis for it and this led to the development of a concept note. An International editorial or advisory board was constituted to include scholars focusing on issues of African peace and security in institutions and universities across the world”.


Recognizing knowledge as a public good, the KAIPTC Journal of African Peace and Security (JAPS) offers open access to top-quality articles that provide fresh and critical insights into African peace and security.

It also serves as a platform for cutting-edge research targeted at academics, policy professionals and students, consistent with the philosophy of the journal.

Primary Targets

The KAIPTC’s Journal of African Peace and Security (JAPS) is designed for researches seeking to publish in an African-based journal of the highest international standard and reputation, as well as practitioners interested in illuminating their understanding of issues that shape the dynamics of conflict, security, stability and development in Africa.

Theme of maiden edition

Given that this is the very first edition, the editorial and advisory board thought to open it up to any issue around conflict, peace and security in Africa. Article on peacekeeping, conflict prevention, peace building and other themes revolving around peace and security were featured in this edition. Subsequent editions would however be targeted at specific themes according to the team.

Editorial Advisory board

The Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor are Dr Kwesi Aning, Director of the Faculty of Academic Affairs and Research, KAIPTC, and Dr Kwaku Dansu, a Research Fellow at the KAIPTC respectively.

The editorial Advisory board comprise  of accomplished academics such as Professors Dora F. Edu-Buandoh and John Mensah from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, Prof. Alexander Bellamy from University of Queensland, Australia, Prof. Paul Nugent of University of Edinburgh, Dr. Volker Frank of Kennesaw State University, USA, Dr. Marsha Henry, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, Prof. Paul D. Williams from the International Peace Institute, New York, Dr. Cyril Obi of African Peace building Network, USA, Prof Ramesh Thakur from the Australian National University, and Prof Olawale Albert, from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


Meanwhile, a total of ninety seven (97) students of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center graduated with Master of Arts Degree in Gender, Peace and Security (MGPS), Master of Arts Degree in Conflict, Peace and Security (MCPS) and Executive Master of Arts Degree in Conflict, Peace and Security (EMCPS) respectively.

Source: Ghana/ Abdalla